Just a few things we've added to our Van-Mod channel. Check it out.

FJ Stealth Camper water system

How we are planning to get potable water from two different locations to where we need it at the back of the FJ.

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Update: Tacoma long bed camper build

The latest thinking on how we are going to make the sliding table portion of this camper build furniture.

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Linear glide and plunger

We completely redesigned how the cot extension is going to slide using industrial strength linear glides...also came up with a nifty way to keep the cot extension in place while driving.

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New Camper design additions

We talk a bit about the new RotopaX/Hi-Lift jack carrier, the suite of RIG'd Supply products to be added, and the U-shaped outdoor galley we'll have under the FSR 270 awning.

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RotopaX/Hi-Lift jack carrier

A fun project we just started that when done will allow us to carry four gallons of gas plus a Hi-Lift jack on the back of our FJ using the existing spare tire carrier mounting location on the rear door.

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Custom brackets!

A not so short vid on why we are making a variety of custom mounting brackets for the FJ Cruiser Stealth Camper and how they will be used.

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Tacoma long bed camper build

Latest project for an overlanding client.

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FJ Cruiser Stealth Camper: drawer boxes!

An update on how we plan to build this very important part of our camper furniture.

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FJ Cruiser Stealth Camper furniture update

We learned a few things after building our wood test mockup.

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FJ Cruiser Stealth Camper furniture mockup

Full-scale test mockup built out of 2x4s to better understand how the design would fit in the FJ available space. Some things are great, some not so great.

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FJ Cruiser Stealth Camper furniture design

Our v2 attempt at getting both the pivoting cot extension and sliding desk to work. If the FJ was shaped like a RAM ProMaster, this might have worked.

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FJ Cruiser Stealth Camper build design

The initial design concept. Cot with extension, storage drawer under cot, camp stove drawer, fridge tray, and Rotopax jugs for water.

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